What are your hours of operation?

We are available to our customers Tuesday - Friday from 10am-6pm and on Saturdays from 9am-1pm. The Sweet Stop of RVA is CLOSED for any business on Sundays and Mondays. Our busiest time is Thursday-Saturday, therefore during that time you may experience a delay in response to telephone calls or emails. Our telephone contact number is 804-986-8597.

How do I place an order?

The first step in placing an order is to either complete our online order inquiry form or send us an email with your order request to Upon completing and submitting an inquiry form, you will be contacted by a Sweet Stop of RVA team member who will assist in securing your order.

How soon should I place my order?

To assure that The Sweet Stop has your desired event date available, you want to secure your order at your earliest convenience. All orders must be secured no less than 2 weeks prior to your event date.

Why do you need a two week notice on all orders?

At The Sweet Stop Of RVA we like to explain to our clients that the artistry that is created through sugar is no different from other forms of art that require planning, preperation and time to execute. To assure that we are alloting your desserts with the time and attention required to make you SMILE, we need to plan properly when accepting your order. Time is of the essence.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

The Sweet Stop has a minimum purchase amount of $150 for all orders.

How are your cakes/desserts priced?

Our desserts are priced based on servings and the level of artwork. Please note that prices are subject to change due to the nature of our products. All of our desserts are custom designed and artwork pricing may vary.

Is it possible to have a cake designed that I don't see on your website?

Absolutely. The photographs that you see in our galleries are just a few of the many cakes that we have created. We never want any of our clients to have the same identical custom cake to any of our other clients. Your design ideas are endless and we can work with you to create and personalize the perfect cake just for YOU!

What is required to secure an order?

To secure your event date and your order, a 50% retainer payment is required. We DO NOT guaruntee any orders or dates without a security retainer payment.

Are the order retainer payments refundable?

All retainer payments are non-refundable under any circumstances. We ask that our clients please make certain that you understand the policy and order guidelines before making the payment to retain our services for your order and date.

Why is a retainer payment required?

While the thought of cake seems simple, the attention to detail and design of your personalized sugar masterpiece is extremely complex. There are materials that sometimes need to be ordered, pieces that need to be made in advance and often it's even the act of us turning down another client(s) because we want to ensure that your order is completed to the highest standard. The retainer payment lets us know that you are serious about your order and allows us to get the ball rolling on completing the necessary elements for your edible artistry.

Today is Monday and I just decided to have a dinner party on Friday.  Is it possible to place an order?

All cake orders require a minimum 2 week notice. Should we have capacity to accommodate you, we may be able to assist, but please note that there WILL be a rush fee added to your order. If we are completely committed to other clients for your requested cleberation date, we will let you know.

How much is the order rush fee?

The amount of the order rush fee varies based on the details of your order. The minimum rush fee for an order request made less than 2 weeks prior to the date needed begin at $100.

Do you offer tastings?

Currently, The Sweet Stop Of RVA offers a "Just Because" Sweet Sample Box once per month. This box is $40 and contains 6 slices of cake in your choice of flavors. Please email us for more details regarding the next monthly pick-up date if interested.

Do you offer consultations and tastings for Wedding Cakes?

With the shift that COVID-19 has brought upon our lives, and to maintain the health and safety for those affiliated with our business, as well as our clients, we have made adjustments to how we conduct our wedding cake consultations. Our new process for our wedding couples begins with them picking up a Bride-To-Be sweet sample box that you will be able to take home for a private in-home tasting experience with your fiancé and family. Following your private in-home tasting, we will schedule a telephone conference to go over the details for your desired wedding cake design, in addition to logistics for delivery and set-up at your wedding venue. Our Bride-To-Be Sweet Sample box is $40 and includes 4 slices of cake in your choice of cake flavors, in addition to a personal bottle of locally made sangria wine by Kiandra Nash of Sweet Ki's. Should you decide that you would like to move forward with the services of The Sweet Stop Of RVA for your wedding cake, the $40 paid for the Sweet Sample box will be deducted from the final balance of your wedding cake.

Do I need to schedule a consultation to order a custom cake?

The Sweet Stop Of RVA does not require a consultation for any of our services if the order details and logistics can be finalized via telephone or email. Should you decide that you would like a consultation for products and services, we are happy to schedule that with you. There will be a $50 non-refundable consultation fee assessed. ***PLEASE NOTE - WITH THE HEIGHT OF TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19, WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT OFFERING ANY IN-PERSON CONSULTATION OPTIONS***

Do you ship cakes?

The Sweet Stop Of RVA does NOT ship custom cakes at this time.

Do you deliver?

Yes, The Sweet Stop Of RVA does offer delievry, but there is a delivery fee associated. Our delivery fee starts at $45 within a 15 mile radius. For any mileage beyond the 15 mile radius, please inquire directly with your venue address details.

Can I put my cake in the seat of my car or in the trunk?

The Sweet Stop Of RVA does not reccomend that your custom cake and/or desserts go in the seat or trunk of your vehicle. The seats of your vehicle are slanted and your custom cake and/or desserts should always remain on a "FLAT" surface for the safest transport. The trunk of your car is also not reccomended as you are unable to view your custom cake and/or desserts while driving and the trunk area of your car does not provide the proper air ventilation for your custom cake and/or desserts.

Should I refrigerate my cake?

Your custom cake does not require refrigeration, but if you are picking up your cake more than 2-3 hours prior to the start of your event, we do recommend that your cake be stored in refrigeration to assure the design quality and to minimize any damage occuring to your custom cake.