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We value each and everyone of our customers!


Family is important to us here at The Sweet Stop, and we value each and everyone of our customers just as that; family.  We want to see our family happy, fulfilled, and more importantly -- SMILING! Every event, every dessert, every detail is meant to be an experience that captures your most inner joy and results in satisfaction and of course a SMILE!


With everything that we do for our customers, we want you to leave with memories, and those memories of your experience should always leave you smiling.  If you are smiling from the beginning of your interaction with us until the very end of your transaction, then we have succeeded in doing our job.  When we say SMILE, we hold ourselves accountable in everything we do being: 


S.pectacular, M.emorable, I.nnovative, L.egendary, and in E.xellence!


Now doesn't that SMILE look good on you! 

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Raina is the owner and founder of The Sweet Stop of RVA. She is a self-instructed cake artist that has proven that your gift can make a way for you, and can open endless doors of opportunity if you just believe in yourself. Years of success and failures has been Raina’s reality that dreams require radical faith and proves that quitting is NEVER an option.