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The Key Ingredient

When you think of cake, you think of it being moist, flavorful, delicious, and sweet. The crazy part is that the ingredients to make that same delicious cake are not so delicious in a dessert kind of way all by themselves.

Bring on the Heat

Just think about it...eggs, milk, flour, sugar, butter, salt, baking powder, baking soda, extracts, oil and so many other things; those individual ingredients definitely don't live up to the characteristics of being moist, flavorful, delicious and sweet when they are eaten by themselves. But the magic doesn't happen without heat. Heat initiates a chemical reaction where all of the ingredients are destined to work together, playing their own part to give us the scrumptious end result we call CAKE!

Keeping it Together with Faith

I look at life pretty much the same way as cake - it takes some key ingredients to work together collectively to produce successful results in our lives. In both baking and life there are "key ingredients", you know, those are the ingredients that if you leave them out, the end result will not be what you expect. For instance, if you forget to add eggs to your cake recipe that requires eggs, I can pretty much guarantee you that missing that key ingredient will not produce the results that you are anticipating for your cake. Well the same goes for our lives - faith is a HUGE key ingredient in life. Without adding a little faith (and I mean a little...just a mustard seed) then you can for sure expect to have doubt and fear play a part of almost every move of your life.

Made with Love

Faith, Hope, and Love are my key ingredients to Baking My Best Life! Without those ingredients added in every thought, decision and idea that I have, there is not success. So the next time you taste the perfect cake, just remind yourself of the ingredients that it took to create that taste and remember that your next move in life will require some key ingredients as well, so be ready to use them together because alone, they don't work the same. Be great everyone and let's bake up something AMAZING!

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