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As Seen On "Netflix"

Updated: Mar 8

What an awesome opportunity it was to be a cast member on the Netflix original show, "Is It Cake?" Season 3! It is hard to even explain this emotional high of positivity that I'm feeling through this experience. As a woman of color, I don't always see someone who looks like me as an example of what I am able to do with this career path that I have chosen with cake. Sometimes when you don't see the representation that you need, you have to become that representation for yourself, and for others that will follow. I'm so honored to be chosen for this moment, at this time, to represent all of the black/brown women and girls who need to see "them" on the big screen! We did it!

Mark your calendars, save the date and get your popcorn ready to tune in to Netflix on Friday, March 29, 2024 so see me in action. This is definitely a good reason to watch a GREAT show on Good Friday!

We are the cast of Netflix Is It Cake? Season 3! Cake Fam for Life!

What an amazing and super talented and gifted team of Cake Artists! What a blessing it was to gain a new family in my world of cake with these super DOPE Master Cake Artists from all over the country We came into this show as strangers with no real-life connection, and we left as a family who will support, cheer on, and encourage each other for LIFE!

From left to right:

Caitlin Taylor from Bowie, MD - The Sculpted Slice (IG @thesculptedslice)

Timmy Norman from Johnson City, TN - Cakebuds Bakery (IG @cakebudsjc)

Raina Washington from Richmond, VA - The Sweet Stop Of RVA (IG @thesweetstopofrva)

Grace Pak from New York City, NY - Duchess Of Cameron (IG @duchessofcameron)

Julie McAllister from Charleston, SC - Julie McAllister Cakes (IG @juliemcallistercakes)

Jujhar Mann from Surrey, BC, Canada - Mann & Co. Bake Shop (IG @mannandcobakeshop)

Kristen Eagles from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada - The Girl Next Door Bakes (IG @thegirlnextdoorbakes)

Henderson Gonzalez from Orlando, FL - Master Baker (IG @masterbakerfl)

To my cast: Purple Rain loves you all immensely! Thank you for a loving and safe competition environment where it never felt like a competition, but more like a group of friends creating amazing art in a group kitchen together! We are ALL winners and I pray that our personalities shine bright for the world to see the talent and love that we all have! Cake Fam on 3!

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