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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Space....Space....Space! We all know how it feels to need more space. That feeling you get when you can literally feel the walls closing in on you.

Photographer: Dante Washington | DJW Photography

But wait, what does "space" look like to you? As a business owner, does space always mean, you need a brick and mortar? Does it mean that you aren't able to effectively do the job without the space? Is space just a commodity?

Space is essential, but it doesn't mean it's necessary for success. Sometimes we have to work the gift that God has given us with very little; very little resources, very little space, very few ideas. Make that gift shine so bright that anyone on the outside sees your business as a beautiful swan gliding on a lake, even though below the surface you are paddling like a dog trying not to drown.

Space may make it easier, but space doesn't make it unattainable. YOU are the magic, the sauce, the key, the plug. The space is just an accessory to your success.

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