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We've all heard the saying - "You never mix business with pleasure". That saying can put so much tension on a relationship; unnecessary tension, stress, and fear.

Photographer: DuRaun Epps | Epps Graphics

The two can cohesively exist successfully if you do it with care. I'm not talking care like a "fragile" sticker, but care like showing interest in what the other party is passionate about, and understanding how you can play a part in their passion, while not taking away from your own passion.

But are you ready? Are you ready to hear the other person, see the other person, and accept the other person for who they want to be?

It's work, but it's worth it to do Business WITH your Boo! The success is different, the struggle is different, the grind is different, the intimacy is different, and most of all YOU will be different; but in a way that brings you joy and peace. In the end, that's what we are all aspiring to have; joy and peace within.

Are you ready to take business to the bedroom?

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