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The Sweet Stop of RVA introduces their new monthly tasting box ready to be shipped or picked up.

Photographer: Dante Washington | DJW Photography

The universal dessert that will make anyone smile...CAKE! Cake definitely gives you a feel good vibe, a contagious energy that makes you smile, even if for just the second as you endulge!

When you don't need a reason to eat cake, this box will give you a reason to enjoy cake. Just because....just because you want to smile as you close your eyes, just because you want your taste buds to do a happy dance, just because you want to have a reason to come back for more....just because cake is AMAZING!

Get the cake, eat the cake, enjoy the cake, but whatever you do...share the cake because the feeling that you have, you want someone else to have it too!

Let's get Cake Wasted!

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